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        DongGuan City Kennedy Machinery Co,Ltd
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        DongGuan City Kennedy Machinery Co,Ltd
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          Our company  established  in 1990, "Quanxing plastic machinery factory is our former name", we registered as a limited......
          News More
              Take off the marking machine out to Malaysia 2015-04-04  
              Dongying import PET bottle recycling line for shipment 2015-04-04  
              Take off the production line to kiamusze 2015-04-04  
              Take off the marking machine out to baoding 2015-04-04  
              Clean square big stone sink out to companies 2015-04-04  
          Company specializing in waste plastics recycling project planning and equipment manufacturing environmental protection science and technology enterprise, the company set research and development, production, sales and service in one body.
          guangdong province dongkeng town, dongguan city, the Angle of social new countryside
          0769-83865741 83866679 82989861
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